Is the Beauty Essentials Shadow Switch any good?

It’s probably happened to you already. You try to create a beautiful eye makeup look, with a range of gorgeous colours, but the end result is muddy and clumsy.

What went wrong?

Excess powder on the brush has worked its way into every colour, ruining your hard work!

Enter the Shadow Switch.

Beauty Essentials are working on a range of must-have makeup tools, and the Shadow Switch dry brush makeup remover is a particularly nifty little tool.

Touted as the answer to your colourful eyeshadow problems, the Shadow Switch lets you remove one colour from your brush before you dip it into the next one.

(* I did get this as a review item, but this review is my full and honest opinion!)

You can watch this as a Youtube video or keep reading below!

So how does the Shadow Switch work?

It’s pretty simple. Inside the tin you get a dense sponge. To clean off the excess powder, just press your brush into the sponge and move it clockwise.

The sponge will take off the powder, leaving you with a nice clean brush. You can go ahead and apply the next colour!

I pretty much used it every day from the day I received it!

Is it a brush cleaning Holy Grail?

Does the Shadow Switch dry brush makeup remover actually work?
The new packaging

It’s no replacement for cleaning your brushes properly. The Shadow Switch removes the powder, but not any germs, so you’ll still need to use a cleaning spray or shampoo on a regular basis to actually clean your brushes.

But the Shadow Switch doesn’t claim to be a replacement for cleansers. Its purpose is for cleaning brushes during application – and it does so incredibly well.

Is it worth buying?

Definitely. You can currently pick it up for £5.99 from Amazon (aff link).

The tin does recommend that you buy a new refill every two months for hygiene reasons. Plus the sponge will wear away with use.

But surely getting beautiful eye makeup results is almost priceless?

Over to you! How do you clean your brushes mid-application?


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