Haul from The Body Shop (including free gift!!)

I haven’t done a haul in a while, but after a HUGE ad in the window of The Body Shop caught my eye…I sort of had no choice! Look at all this fabulous booty…

The Body Shop

It’s not all from The Body Shop, but let’s have a look at what I picked up, shall we?

The Body Shop Make Up

I’ve been after the Down to Earth eye palette for a while, but I also picked up their Instablur face primer and one of their new lip liquids.

The Body Shop
Beautiful make up.

I forgot to take a separate photo of the Instablur! I’d seen good reviews online, and I’m desperate to find something that can combat the oil on my nose!

But that palette…

Down to Earth palette

The Body Shop Down the Earth palette

I’d seen this featured on Wayne Goss’ Youtube channel, and if it’s good enough for him, it’s good enough for me. It’s three matte shades, four satin shades, and one that has some shimmer in it. They’re all pretty pigmented if the swatches I did on my hand are anything to go by!

The Body Shop Lip Liquid

The Body Shop Matte Lip Liquid
In Sicily Iris.

This is a pretty new product. It’s described as a matte lip liquid, and it swatched up alright on my hand. I tried it this morning and it’s actually not very opaque, so it might need a couple of layers to get decent pigmentation.

It also didn’t stand up well to the rigours of my lunch, so it’s not a long-lasting product at all.

Still, it was only £6 and there was a 3-for-2 on so it was my freebie.

Speaking of freebies…

The Body Shop Free Gift

I’d seen the ad for a free gift AND double points in the window, but I didn’t know what the free gift was until I got to the counter.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Range

This is their skin clearing foaming cleanser, their mattifying lotion, and their mattifying toner in the tea tree range. (The other option is Vitamin E, depending on your skin type). This lot was worth £20!

Beautiful Movements Foundation

Beautiful Me Foundation
Love this.

I’ve been a fan of powder foundation for a while, particularly by Beautiful Movements. This is Stripped, their lightest colour. A tub is £14 and lasts for ages, and this is my third tub, so it’s fair to say this love affair is lasting.

Nyx Lip Lingerie

Nyx Lingerie
Such a pretty shade.

I’ve seen mixed reviews on these, but when people love them, they REALLY love them. This is Honeymoon, and I love the grey undertone to its nude shade.

Nyx Lip Lingerie
So pretty!

So there we go! Plenty of lovely new products for me to get stuck into!

Have you used any of these? What did you think?


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