Sleek ‘On the Horizon’ – Yay or Nay?

A week or so ago I posted about buying the new Sleek ‘On the Horizon’ palette.

Is the Sleek On the Horizon palette worth buying?

Naturally I couldn’t wait to get stuck into it, so I came up with three looks in an effort to use a range of the colours.

Look 1 – Green and Gold

Sleek On the Horizon make up
Green and gold

This one was intended to be a combination of green and gold. I wanted to capture that point in the year when the leaves start to change colour.

The problem was the green was closer to a grey, and not as green as I would have liked. The gold was a little transparent, so next time I’ll need to apply it over a coloured base.

Look 2 – Pumpkin Spice

Sleek On the Horizon make up
Bonfire themed colours

This was a more obvious colour scheme, pairing orange with brown. The orange applied really well, and I was pretty pleased with how this one turned out.

Look 3 – Mermaid

Sleek On The Horizon palette
More mermaid themed colours

I wanted to be a bit more ‘atypical’ with this one, so I washed a beautiful teal green (though it looks a little silver) all over the lid, and then worked the rich royal blue into the outer third. I deepened the crease with the dark brown.

Is the Sleek On the Horizon palette worth buying?

As far as colours go, most definitely. The colours included are excellent choices.

Sleek On the Horizon make up

In terms of pigmentation, they’re a little hit and miss. Some of them are really pigmented, others are really strong in the pan and disappointing when you apply them.

My biggest bugbear is the longevity of the shadows. Some of them fade quite quickly, so while they look very bright, or striking, when you first apply them, they’re quite faint later in the day. Others remain bright all day! If all of them had the staying power of the green from look 3, then I’d be a happy camper.

But, it is only £8.99, and there are a nice range of interesting colours here. If you’re used to just using neutrals, then you can certainly dip your toe in the water of bolder colours using On the Horizon…and still use your neutrals!

I award it 4 out of 5!


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