An easy way to bring pink into your autumn look

If you’ve read my blog before you’ll know pink isn’t really a colour you’d associate with me.

But up-and-coming beauty brand Glossier encouraged me to put something together involving the colour pink.

I know we’re coming into the autumn so the make up world is going mad for berry tones and warm colours, but when did I ever stick to convention?

an easy way to bring pink into your autumn look

Normally when someone says ‘pink’ to me, I think neon. I suppose it brings back my vaguely cybergoth days when I was all about the UV colours.

neon pink eye make up
Neon pink for work…

But that’s not what I’m about at the moment. This is all about wearable pink, people!

Here’s my easy way to bring pink into your autumn look!

I have a huge thing about putting grey and pink together, and the Morphe Brushes 35N palette makes that super easy. Wash the soft stone grey across the lid, and then work one of the mid pink shades into the crease, towards the brow.

Blend a darker plum into the socket, fading into the pink. Run pink along the lower lashes and voila!

sleek shabby chic matte me lip cream
Bold pink lips are a winner.

Naturally you finish it off with a good helping of liquid liner. Here’s a close up of the eyes.

glossier pink challenge
Close up of grey and pink

But I did bring pink into the traditional bold autumn lip. I mixed two shades, both from Sleek’s Matte Me lip cream range. I applied Shabby Chic all over the lips, then added Petal just to the centre.

So there you have it! An easy way to add pink to your autumn look!

If you want any more inspiration, then Glossier have a pink board on Pinterest. If you’re in the US, make sure you check out their pink themed beauty products here.

I’ll be looking out for them arriving in the UK because I really want one of their Generation Q matte lipsticks in Cake – it looks like the perfect nude!

Over to you! Will you be putting pink into your look this season?


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