7 Days of Smoky: Urban Decay Naked Smoky palette

You know what it’s like – you get super excited and buy a brand new palette, play with it twice, and then forget about it in favour of the next new one!

Well I wanted to challenge myself to only use one palette for an entire week, and for the purposes of branding the challenge, I chose my Urban Decay Naked Smoky palette.

urban decay naked smoky

Scarily, I bought it in August 2015! I even reviewed it here.

It’s harder than it looks to work out seven consecutive looks with just one palette. So how did I get on?!

Day 1

7 days of smoky

Day 2

7 days of smoky

Day 3

7 days of smoky

Day 4

7 days of smoky

Day 5

7 days of smoky

Day 6

7 days of smoky

Day 7

7 days of smoky


I think I’ve preferred the ‘halo’ eyes of days 4 and 7. This has definitely been a useful exercise to try and prompt me to use a particular palette, and luckily the range of shades in the Smoky palette makes that easy to do.

That said, I’m not necessarily sure that the Smoky palette is going to become my ‘go to’ palette since some shades are more pigmented than others. Plus, some shades last better than others.

Still, it’s nice to know I can just take one palette and achieve a range of looks if I manage to go on holiday this year!

Do you stick to a particular palette for days at a time?


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