Why would I want to make my grey hair more obvious?

For a long time, I didn’t want to admit I had grey hair.

But recently I’ve decided to ‘own’ it, instead of covering it up with another colour! I asked my hairdresser how I might make my streak more obvious, and she recommended any of the products designed to work on pre-lightened or blonde hair.

Well, if grey hair isn’t pre-lightened then I don’t know what is!

colour freedom

I had a look in Superdrug and this was the one that seemed the best option. Non-permanent, and you can get multiple applications out of one tube. Perfect.

So here’s my grey streak before I started.

grey streak

It doesn’t actually look that obvious, but it’s more clear in person.

Anyway, I just used a small amount of the Colour Freedom product. I applied it with an old foundation brush and wrapped three sections in foil, as directed.

And then I waited.

grey streak

Here it is after! I still don’t think it’s that obvious, but the grey is definitely closer to silver, which is cool. The colour only really took on the grey hairs I already had, leaving my own natural dark hair the same colour it was before.

I’m a little disappointed that it wasn’t ‘smack you in the eye’ bright, but it’s still a nicer shade. Plus, the tube is huge so I’ll get plenty of applications out of it.

It’ll probably work better when more of my streak has turned grey!

Would you try and hide a grey streak, or make it more obvious?


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