Battle of the Brow Products

Soap & Glory Archery Brow Putty

soap and glory brows

The Brow Putty comes in a stick, with a brush at one end, and a pot of putty at the other.

Simply dip the brush into the putty, and stroke through the brows.

soap and glory brows

As a product, it is quite good, and it gives quite a natural appearance. That said, I don’t like how it sometimes seems to clump, and it can leave tiny little bits clinging to hairs. If you like the Archery pencil, then the putty is much better.

It’s currently £10 from Boots.

Sleek Makeup Brow Kit in Dark

sleek brow kit

Sleek’s Brow Kit is a double-sided affair. You get brow wax on one side, and powder on the other side to set the wax. It also comes with tiny tweezers, and a separate mini brush for each part of the product.

Simply pluck (if necessary), and use the angled brush to sweep the wax through the brow.

Then use the flat brush to pat powder in place. The wax helps keep the brows under control all day.

sleek make up brows

While this is the Dark version, and there is also a Fair and a Medium available, I do feel that it’s a little too ‘red’, if that makes sense. It doesn’t quite match my hair colour, and I could do with a slightly darker one. Still, it’s easy to use, it keeps the brows in place, and it lasts really well.

The Fair and Medium kits are currently £8.49 from Boots.

Collection Brow Kit

collection brow kit

They don’t sell my particular brow kit any more, but Collection now have two separate kits; one for Blonde, and one for Brunette. They’re both £3.99 from Boots. No matter which one you choose, you get three shades from light to dark, a brush, and clear brow mascara to help keep the brows in place.

collection brows

Super easy to use! I particularly like this one a) for the price point and b) because it’s not messy, and c) does what I need it to – darkens my brows!

And the winner is…

They’re all good products and I like what they all do, but I’m going to have to say the Collection kit! I like being able to make up new shades by mixing the powders, which means I get a colour better tailored to suit me. It also means when I dye my hair, I can change my brow shade to suit the new colour.

The Soap & Glory product is great for travel as it takes up so little room, but it’s clumping puts me off a little. And I love the Sleek kit but the shade is slightly wrong!

Have you tried any of these products?


11 thoughts on “Battle of the Brow Products

  1. Me too. I absolutely love collection brow kit as it absolutely matches with the brow colour. Thanks for sharing this as I’ve already used two more products from their range and I’m in so love with their quality and affordability. I think my next venture to try from their range might be this one.

  2. I’m seeing the brow kits but your liner is slaying Icy!!!!!! Honestly I’m really trying to pay attention to the review but the whole time I’m thinking ‘those wings are ON point!’ lol Brill review, when I was distracted by your liner!!!! hehe XXXXXXX

      1. YAY!!! This has made my day!!! Pleeeeeeease would you give me a nudge when it’s uploaded in case I miss it in the vastness of these news feeds huni 🙂 XXX

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