Burn the “if you’re over 30” list posts

blue eye shadow.jpg
Apparently I shouldn’t be wearing blue eye shadow at all, let alone after 30.

I wanted this blog to be a positive space that embraces whatever you want to put on your face, but there comes a point where you just have to say ENOUGH.

I am sick and tired of seeing articles telling me;

  • Make up you shouldn’t wear after 30
  • Things you shouldn’t own past 30
  • Clothes you shouldn’t wear after 30

and so on.

Who do these people think they are to tell me how I should live my life, how to spend my money, and how to express myself?

Half of the writers of these inane posts seem to be pert 22-year-olds who think it’s perfectly acceptable to tell people older than them how they’re getting it wrong.

Excuse me, but who granted you the authority to dictate how someone else lives their life?

When I was in my early 20s, I saw people older than me as being the people to ask if I needed help. Even at 33, I see my elders as being the people who’ve been there, done it, and bought the T-shirt – which makes them way more interesting than some lifestyle blogger who’s never actually lived yet.

I actually posted a comment on one of these idiotic listicle posts to ask the author if she was going to throw out all of the clothes, make up and other personal belongings on her list once SHE reached 30.

This is the thing – these bloggers seem to think that getting older is something that won’t happen to them. I have students who think you’re old once you hit 32, and you shouldn’t go clubbing any more because “it’s for young people”. One student even announced that anyone over 35 shouldn’t be allowed to use online dating because “it’s gross”.

What do they think will happen to them when they get past 30?

according to the bloggers, life ends at 30

The other half of the writers are people who’ve already passed the offending life milestone. I have to wonder how they became so bitter and insecure that they feel the only way they can justify their own choices in life is to impose them on other people.

They think that if they tell other people they shouldn’t do X, Y or Z then it becomes okay that they don’t do them either.

No no NO.

One of the absolute worst posts was all about what you should get rid of because people are judging you for having it in the first place.

The fun part about living in a supposedly democratic society is that you’re free to express yourself however you see fit.

So if you’re 45 and you want to buy knickers from Victoria’s Secret Pink line then bloody well do that.

If you’re 37 and you want to still have long pink hair and wear Marvel Comics T-shirts then go and do it!

It’s not up to other people to dictate what you put on your face, wear on your body, or have in your house (within legal limits, obviously).

If you’re one of those bloggers who writes this crap then I suggest you turn your indignant rage about hair colour and make up choices towards something more useful. Try tackling political corruption, environmental damage, or human trafficking.

Just stop telling other people they can’t have things that make them happy.


7 thoughts on “Burn the “if you’re over 30” list posts

  1. Articles like that are ridiculous. I’m in my twenties and I still class 30s as young, even 40s isn’t old. I stopped thinking that when I was like 14, it’s really immature and I think these so called ‘ articles’ are just a way to make women feel bad about themselves x

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