Appreciate the little things

I’ve spent the last couple of days fighting off a horrible flu bug that’s seen me struggle with a migraine, labour under lethargy, sleep way more than usual, battle a temperature and deal with nausea.

It’s funny – when you’re well, you’ve got a list of things that you hope would make you happy. When you’re poorly, all that would make you happy is to be well again.

So I thought I’d highlight three little things that are worth appreciating.

Appreciate where you live

The swans at Newcastle's Civic Centre
The swans at Newcastle’s Civic Centre

It’s easy to dash about day in and day out, never really noticing where you are.

I like to go on monthly photo walks with fellow photographers as it gives me a chance to really look at parts of the city I don’t usually see.

Stop and smell the flowers

Tulips at the Alnwick Garden
Tulips at the Alnwick Garden

Take a few moments every day to enjoy your surroundings. I love this time of year as the flowerbeds are a riot of colour.

Pausing to enjoy what the natural world has to offer is a fantastic way to rejuvenate yourself.

Be grateful for your health

Me at Mount Grace Priory
Me at Mount Grace Priory

This is the biggest one. I don’t get sick very often, so I tend to take my health for granted. I need to stop doing that!

Hopefully I’ll soon be able to stand up for longer than a few minutes without getting dizzy. As it is, I’m creating this post on my phone as I lie on the sofa!

What do you appreciate day to day?


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