New Mojo sandals by Kurt Geiger

Apologies for not posting for a while – things have been ridiculously hectic for a bit, and quite frankly, I feel like I’ve run out of things to say. I’ve just been using the same make up products and I haven’t tried anything new enough to do a review!

I think that’s the problem with beauty blogging. You constantly get seduced by the new. You have to keep spending a fortune to buy new products so you have fresh content (unless you’re lucky enough to be sent things). So starting next week, I want to start revisiting my existing collection and uncovering some little-used gems!

But in the meantime, I wanted to show off these bad boys.

The Kurt Geiger Mojo sandals

Kurt Geiger Mojo sandals
Aren’t these just glorious?

They’re pretty much the sandals I always wanted someone to make. I could have done without the £110 price tag but if they’re comfortable and free me from my beloved DMs in warmer climates then it’ll be well worth it!

I had such a faff to actually get them – I had to order them in store because they didn’t have my size in stock and it took two weeks for them to actually turn up. They didn’t arrive in time for what I wanted them for, which was irritating to say the least. Kurt Geiger offered me free delivery on my next order, though quite frankly I’d have preferred these ones faster.

That said, I’m glad I ordered them when I did – when I picked them up in store, the assistant told me she thought they were sold out everywhere now.

But aren’t they gorgeous?! I can be summery AND a Goth!



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