Palladio Eye Ink – First Impressions

I’m always on the hunt for a good liquid liner, and I’ve lost count of the number I’ve tried! Some of them seem to dry up easily, other ones dry shiny on the eyelid, and others still flake or even peel off throughout the day.

So when I was putting in another skincare order from, I thought I’d try out the Palladio Eye Ink in black.

Palladio Eye Ink

Palladio Eye Ink

It’s so small! Still, at that size it’ll be perfect for travelling. Surprised it was £7 for something so small.

Shaking it is weird because it sounds like there’s a ball bearing in there. I used to prefer felt tip eye liner pens until I got used to brushes, so it was a bit strange to go back to a felt tip again. But look at that nib! So pointed!

Palladio Eye Ink

The Eye Inks come in seven colours, and I was quite surprised at how ‘liquid’ the product felt as it came out of the nib. Some felt tip liners can feel dry, and pull at the eyelid, but this one glided on. It felt more like applying a liquid liner.

Here’s what it looked like on the eye.

Palladio Eye Ink

I’m really pleased with the line, and how dark it actually is. It was easy to get a smooth line, so I think this liner might become my new favourite!

Palladio Eye Ink

Here’s the finished look! Incidentally, I’m wearing eyeshadows by B., and that lipstick is Sebastian by OCC.

The Verdict

It applies smoothly, and it’s a very handy size, but I’m not sure how long the product will actually last because there doesn’t seem to be much of it in the tube. I’ll be interested to see how it lasts throughout the day, but for now I’m really impressed!

Have you ever tried any Palladio make up?


8 thoughts on “Palladio Eye Ink – First Impressions

      1. Have you tried The Balm Schwing? It’s awesome! I have just bought an Essence liner to try…it was £2 so I’m not expecting a lot! Lol!

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