What did I learn from the 7 Days of Calm?

be more patient by being more mindfulI was supposed to post this yesterday but life got in the way! Quite ironic, in a way.

Be more patient by being more mindful

Day 7 of the 7 Days of Calm programme was all about developing patience. Now, I’m not an individual known for my patience, and the more stressed and anxious I get, the more impatient I become.

Quite frankly, I even piss myself off.

So it was lovely to take ten minutes and just be. I don’t really feel I get the chance to

So what have I learned from the 7 Days of Calm?

1 – Mindfulness doesn’t work overnight

This links in to the impatient thing, but I do like to see instant results. It’s stupid, I’ve been writing for years and my first stories were terrible, but now I get 5* reviews on Amazon. Did I quit after those first few rejections? No. I kept learning.

But when I tried to go back to my art practice? I kept giving up because I wasn’t brilliant right out of the box. The same applied to my guitar, and archery. For some reason I’m willing to put in the time and learn for some activities and not others.

I’m digressing. I think I was hoping for instant results and that’s just not going to happen. Mindfulness is about retraining the brain, and after 33 years of working in one particular way, it’s illogical to expect to change that overnight.

gratitude2 – Sometimes you just don’t feel like it…but you should meditate anyway

The times when you can least be bothered are the times when you need it the most. Take ten minutes for yourself, let the stress melt away…then be a bad ass.

3 – You’re allowed to have time to yourself

This is the one I struggled with the most, but I found myself looking forward to those ten minutes where I got to unwind. It’s like a mini holiday from yourself during the day.

I even found myself looking forward to adding to my journal. What 3 things made me calm? What 3 things was a grateful for? What were the 3 highlights of my day? Writing them down forced me to think about the positives of my day, rather than the negatives.

Am I going to keep using the Calm app?

I really am. I’m going to keep using the free daily meditations for the time being and if I feel like I’m making headway, then I’ll take the plunge and subscribe!

Have you enjoyed these mindfulness posts? If you’d like to read more about my journey into mindfulness, let me know in the comments.


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