Day 3 of 7 Days of Calm

mindfulness calmToday has been a bit of a funny one because I’ve been so focused on getting my shoulder sorted at the physio, and then coming home to film and edit videos. But it’s precisely when you’re the most busy that you really get the benefits of mindfulness.

The Body Scan

The daily meditation was a body scan – I’ve done so many of these I’ve lost count, and I’ve gotten very good at being able to pinpoint sensations. Pain is a recurrent one for me since I’m hypermobile and I have a lot of problems with my back, neck, and joints. Being able to accurately say “The pain is in my mid-bicep when I move my arm this way” to my physio is a lot more helpful than “My arm’s a bit sore”.

Still, I’m getting really frustrated since I first injured my shoulder back in mid-November, so I’ve been putting up with a lack of mobility and some level of daily pain for just over five months now. I was with my ex when I injured myself so it’s almost a constant reminder of him, which I could do without! (Being single isn’t much fun, people)

So rather than getting upset or irritated, I turned to mindfulness (after I’d done all the fun creative stuff) to see what Calm recommended. I opened the book at random, and I found one of the journaling prompts.

What 3 things am I most grateful for today?

  1. I can actually afford to pay for a private physio ahead of my initial consultation at the RVI’s Fracture Clinic. If I’d had to rely on being referred by my GP I’d probably still be on a waiting list and in a lot more pain.
  2. I have the opportunity to teach myself new skills, like editing videos (Premiere Pro is way more fun than I expected!)
  3. I’ve had the time and space today to work on one of my creative writing projects without feeling guilty.

So far I’ve been lucky because these first three days have coincided with the weekend and my day off. Let’s see what Day 4 brings!

Day 1  Day 2


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