Day 2 of 7 Days of Calm

My new notebook

Yesterday I talked about how and why I’d started the 7 Days of Calm program available on the Calm app, and I thought I’d move onto how I’d gotten on today! As it’s Sunday I had the chance to do my Day 2 of the program before anyone else was up and about in the house.

Having some peace and quiet makes all the difference.

I actually woke up with a crappy headache, but just ten minutes of meditating and downgraded the pain from “potential migraine” to “irritating niggle”. A couple of smears of 4head shifted the rest of it!

I started writing in my new mindfulness journal last night – it’s actually just a notebook from Paperchase but it’s soooo pretty. All I wrote was three highlights of the day, which doesn’t sound like a lot but it’s not usual practice for me so it felt nice to celebrate the wins. Normally I just totally berate myself.

Get out into the fresh air.

I’m also reading the Calm book (mentioned in my book haul post) and the first section is all about nature. I’d love to be able to just head off and wander around in wide open spaces far away from hordes of people but that wasn’t on the cards for today so I just went into the front garden.

Red Tulip

We’ve got some lovely red tulips hiding among the shrubs! And then there are these beauties.

Anemone Blanda

We’ve got loads of these anemones.

It was so nice being out in the garden, fiddling about with the Pro settings on my phone to get some good shots. The macro mode is incredible!

And you know what? I definitely do feel calmer.

Day 1


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