Add me on Snapchat!

snapchat logoI teach social media in my day job, so I’ve actually had Snapchat for aaaaaages.

But it can take a while to get the hang of any new platform, and when you’ve already got a bazillion to keep track of, adding another one can seem a bit daft.

Still, the digital marketers have finally caught onto Snapchat, so I figured I wanted to use it before it got full of people trying to sell their products by being “hip” or “authentic” (insert other marketing jargon as applicable).

So I’ve been adding Snaps to my story lately, from the making of my first facial oil (post coming soon), to the epic ice cream I got at the beach on Tuesday.

If you want more ‘behind the scenes’ photos, then feel free to add me, my username is icysedgwick. And let me know yours in the comments below so I can add you too!



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