Make Up Revolution Lip Euphoria – Hot or Not?

make up revolution lip euphoriaI picked up three of the six shades of Make Up Revolution’s new Lip Euphoria line.

Now I’ve had issues in the past with the glosses for their tendency to bleed, and the velvet lip creams for their tendency to gather along the lip line before flaking off. Their lipsticks can sometimes smell like Play-Doh…so have they upped their game for these new sticks?

I’d have to say…yes. According to their website, the Lip Euphoria formula “Goes on like a lipgloss and wears like a cream lipstick”. Yeah, I’d agree with that, except there’s a tiny bit of stickiness all day that I’d expect from a gloss. So they feel like a thick lip gloss to put on, but they’re really pigmented – actually, if I had to compare them to anything, it would be Illamasqua’s intense lipglosses, but more opaque.

Lip Euphoria – Fortune

lip euphoria fortune

I decided to try out Fortune first. The website describes it as a “deep berry red with a hint of purple”. Um…

lip euphoria fortune

Looks more like a super dark magenta to me! It’s a nice colour but you really need to tidy up the edges with a lip brush because it’s quite a thick, stiff formula and it can look uneven really quickly.

But there’s a problem.

Quite a big problem, actually. Fortune doesn’t really last particularly well, though for a cream lipstick/gloss hybrid that’s to be expected, and reapplication is easy.


It bleeds like crazy. I know the lipglosses have a tendency to do that but I didn’t expect the same from this. So even after I reapplied it after a coffee, I had a weird, fuzzy halo along the lip line. Not good.

Luckily, lip liner exists. Did it help?

Lip Euphoria – Aura

lip euphoria aura

Why yes, yes it did. This is Aura – I’ve had this one since it first came out but I’d never really put it through its paces. The website describes it as “a beautiful rose toned lipgloss and lipstick hybrid” but the colour defies description.

It’s not quite pinky brown, it’s not reddy brown, it’s not orangey brown…it’s like a weird pink/brown/red/orange mixture that strangely works.

lip euphoria aura

(I’m using Make Up Revolution’s Salted Caramel eye palette from my Super Haul here!)

I used not one but TWO lip liners to fix the bleeding problem. First I used the Urban Decay Ozone priming pencil around the edges, and then I went in with Illamasqua’s lip liner in X.

That totally fixed the problem.

Sure, it still transferred onto other things but it was much easier to reapply and the edges stayed nice and sharp all day.

Lip Euphoria – Karma

lip euphoria karma

Finally I tried out Karma, described as “a peachy brown toned every day nude.”

lip euphoria karma

Yep, I did my eyes using the Salted Caramel eye palette, too!

Now Karma is a little too orange for my liking, but it’s a nice nude. It wears okay, too, and I just used a clear lip liner under this one. I just wasn’t crazy about the shade.


  • Super comfortable to wear all day.
  • Gives a lovely glossy, ‘juicy’ appearance to the lips.
  • Easy to apply and retouch.
  • Cheap at just £3 a tube!
  • Aura is a particularly favoured shade!


  • Slightly sticky, so expect your hair to stick to your face on windy days.
  • Longevity can be an issue, but as a cream lipstick/gloss hybrid it’s naturally going to come off.
  • Needs a lip liner or it bleeds and goes fuzzy at the edges.

Would I buy again?

I’d definitely buy Aura again if I used this one up, but I’d give Fortune a miss. I don’t think I’ll buy the other three because the colours just aren’t me! They are; Destiny, which is a bright Barbie magenta; Rebirth, which is a true red; and Fate, which is a soft wearable nude pink. I do think they’re worth checking out but please use some kind of lip liner with them!

Have you tried Lip Euphoria yet? Let me know in the comments!


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