SUPER Make Up Revolution haul…and Mystery Bag!

So I completely broke my “I’m not going to buy new make up” stance and got a HUGE haul from Make Up Revolution – helped in no small part by their last promotion. If you spent £30 or more, you got a free mystery bag worth £25. Bargain!

So what did I buy? This lot!

make up revolution

That sure is a lot of stuff…so what’s among it?

Lip Amplification – Conviction

make up revolution lip amplification

These new Lip Amplification products are lip glosses. I picked up Conviction which looks black in the tube but comes out more of a blackberry colour.

I ❤ Makeup I Heart Chocolate – Salted Caramel

make up revolution salted caramel

I absolutely LOVE the I Heart Chocolate palette so I saw this version and just thought “Mine!” Hopefully it’ll be the same amazing quality, and yes…the shadows DO smell of caramel!

I ❤ Makeup I Heart Sin

make up revolution I Heart Sin

This palette was reduced to £2.99…how could I say no to colours like that?!

Lip Lava – Forgiven / Firestorm

make up revolution lip lava

These are supposed to be dupes for Too Faced’s Melted lipsticks. Forgiven is the nude shade, Firestorm is the red one. I’m bothered by how much Firestorm bled just while I was swatching it but we’ll see how it works out when I wear it!

Lip Euphoria – Karma / Fortune

make up revolution lip euphoria

I bought one of the Lip Euphoria products a while back, and I picked up Aura. I liked how it felt, so I also picked up Karma (top) and Fortune (bottom).

Lip Gloss – Not Naive

make up revolution lip gloss

I’ll be honest, I’m no fan of sheer lip glosses like this but I needed something to take the order total over £30 and this was only 50p.

I ❤ Makeup Lip Geek – Totally NOT boring

make up revolution lip geek

Continuing the I ❤ Makeup trend for TERRIBLE shade names, this one looked a lot nicer onscreen, so I’ll have to hope it looks nice on the lips! I do think the Lip Geek lipsticks are a nicer texture than the Make Up Revolution Amazing lipsticks so my hopes are high.

Ultra Velour Lip Cream – Their eyes can’t find us

make up revolution ultra velour

Such a pretty nude – hopefully it’ll wear well!

Eyeshadow – Smokin 1

make up revolution shadow

I’m a big fan of their single shadows and this gorgeous matte grey was only 50p.

It’s only looking at it like that that I realise how many of the products are actually from the I ❤ Makeup line. Oh well. But that’s not all. That lot took me to £30.45, so I also got this lot in my Mystery Bag!

make up revolution mystery bag


  • Colour Chaos Eyeshadow Palette
  • Radiant Light highlighter
  • Single shadow in Frozen
  • Ultra velour lip cream in Move your mouth forever
  • Vivid Blush Lacquer in Bloom
  • Amazing Sheer Lipgloss in Hey Girl
  • The One Blush Stick in Malibu
  • LipHug lipstick in Let’s raise the bar

It’s a pity the ultra velour lip cream is such a similar shade to the one I bought, and there’s no way in hell I’ll ever wear the lipstick as it’s practically orange, but the highlighter is BEAUTIFUL, and I’m looking forward to trying out the blush lacquer.



4 thoughts on “SUPER Make Up Revolution haul…and Mystery Bag!

  1. First of all, what a great bargain being irrespective of the “no new buy” mode. Also, so many things to say like the astonishing colours, quality and the products as well. Loved all of them. Can’t wait for their detailed review.

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