5 bargain buys for £5 or less

five for fiveAs much as I love my Urban Decay and Illamasqua eyeshadows and lipsticks, the high street brands are definitely upping their game. While there is a lot of dross available, there are plenty of good products to be had that cost less than a fiver!

I’ve noticed an upswing of interest in ‘frugal’ cosmetics, so I figured I’d dig through my stash for particular favourites that cost £5 or less.

I had to really struggle hard not to just include five Make Up Revolution products! Without further ado…

Make Up Revolution Rose Gold Lipstick in Chauffeur (£3)

Make Up Revolution Rose Gold Lipstick in Chauffeur
You can’t really have a ‘good buys under £5’ post and NOT include Make Up Revolution!

Make Up Revolution Rose Gold Lipstick in Chauffeur

It’s got a creamy texture and looks great. Sure, it needs reapplication throughout the day but its staying power isn’t bad, and it’s only £3. Bargain.

Make Up Geek Duochrome Shadow in Havoc (£4.95)

make up geek havoc

Duochrome eyeshadows can be a bit strange but this one is like having three colours in one! You can buy them from Beauty Bay.

make up geek havoc

Havoc is described as “Chocolate with slight green shimmer”. On the left is the shade over ordinary primer, on the middle I put it over white pencil, and on the right it goes green over black!

Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk (£5)

nyx jumbo pencil milk

I used to use a Maybelline pencil in white but it was far too stiff. This one glides on like a dream and creates a fantastic base to help colours pop. Incidentally, I used this underneath the middle Havoc swatch above!

Collection Eyebrow Kit (£3.99)

collection brow kit

Finally, something less than a fiver! They now sell this kit in both Blonde and Brunette but mine’s the original one. I don’t often use the blonde shade, as you can tell, but the darkest one gets the most love. The brush that comes with it isn’t bad, but I don’t always bother with the brow mascara. Still, it’s pretty decent for the price! The colour lasts all day!

Essence Long-lasting Lip Liner – 06 A Girl’s Dream (£1.50)

essence lipliner

I actually bought this one almost by accident because I was out and about and I realised I didn’t have my Illamasqua lip liner with me. Fair enough, but the Make Up Revolution lip lacquer I wanted to use bleeds without it!

essence lipliner

It’s surprisingly creamy so it doesn’t tug the lips when you put it on, but the pigmentation is great for something so cheap! You can pick up a range of colours in Wilkos so I’d highly recommend them.

Do you find posts like this useful? Let me know!


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