Kiko Make Up Mania Sale Haul

I got an email from Kiko a couple of days ago alerting me to their Make Up Mania sale – buy any six products and get the three cheapest free! Well I can hardly say no to an offer like that, can I? Plus I have a tendency to spend money when I’m feeling low, so a make up sale seemed like the ideal opportunity for a spot of retail therapy. So what did I pick up?

Mat Mousse Oil-Free Foundation in 01 Ivory

kiko mat mousse oil free foundation

Matte Fusion Pressed Powder in 01 Beige Rose

kiko Matte Fusion Pressed Powder

Soft Focus Concealer

kiko Soft Focus Concealer

Fine Art Eye Pencil in Black 06

kiko Fine Art Eye Pencil

Long Lasting Colour Lip Marker in 101 Beige

kiko Long Lasting Colour Lip Marker

Gossamer Emotion Cream Lipstick in 129 Black Grapes

kiko Gossamer Emotion Cream Lipstick

Their Make Up Mania offer meant I saved a whopping £20.30! Sure, I could have saved more by not going in at all but where’s the fun in that? I did make the switch to powder foundation a while back but after watching this video by Pixiwoo which discusses the advantages of using products from the same brand (as opposed to using products by a range of brands, which aren’t designed to work together) I thought I’d see if I have any more luck by using several products from the same brand.

Have you checked out the Make Up Mania sale?


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