Freedom Make Up Far Away Collection – First Impressions

I can’t go past a branch of Superdrug without popping in to see what they have among the cosmetics. My local branch in Newcastle only has a small Make Up Revolution stand, while the branch at the Metro Centre has a HUGE stand, plus a massive section dedicated to MUR’s I ❤ Make Up range…but no Freedom Make Up. I was in Whitby yesterday so obviously I had to have a look!

freedom make up far away collection

I picked up the Far Away lipstick collection by Freedom Make Up, in part because the colours are quite cosmic and are named after Star Wars things (I’m that much of a geek), and also because I’ve never seen their make up in a store before. I also grabbed Make Up Revolution’s Welcome to the Pleasuredome eyeshadow palette because it was reduced to £4. The palette contains eighteen shades – twelve shimmers and satin finishes, and six mattes. I pretty much picked it up for that gorgeous turquoise.

make up revolution welcome to the pleasuredome

But it’s the lipsticks I want to focus on. The packaging describes them as being ‘professional’ but what are they actually like?

Far Away collection lipstick swatches

freedom make up far away collection

These are, from left to right, Storm Trooper, Far Away, Space Luxe, Sky-Walker, The Sith. Storm Trooper and Space Luxe went on very smoothly and seem to have a creamy feel, while Far Away, Sky-Walker and The Sith needed a couple of swipes before I got a decent swatch.

If you’re interested to see Far Away in action, then check out my video below!

The initial verdict

freedom make up far away collectionI only tried Far Away on my lips and I actually found it a bit patchy. Applying it with a lip brush to even out the edges just pushed the colour around and I needed a third coat straight from the stick to make it look more even. I still wasn’t massively happy with it.

The lipsticks have that same chemical-y smell that Make Up Revolution Amazing lipsticks have, and to be honest, when I compare the formulation with my lipsticks by Urban Decay, or even Kiko, I think Freedom are stretching the truth a tad to call them “professional”.

Still, to get five lipsticks for £5, and in such interesting colours, isn’t bad, and I won’t be wearing them on a daily basis so I can get over the uneven formulation for such an affordable price. I’ll try out Space Luxe to see if it wears any better since from first impressions it seems to have the better formula!

Have you tried Freedom Make Up lipsticks yet? What do you think?


3 thoughts on “Freedom Make Up Far Away Collection – First Impressions

  1. WOW just LOOK at those lips – they’re incredible!! I sooo wish I could pull off those colours on my lips Icy as the purple is immense, you really suit it!! Great video & lovely hearing you chatter 🙂 You’ve such a gentle accent! Another top review XX

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