First Impressions: The Balm Voyage 2 travel palette

the balm voyage travel paletteI never really considered TK Maxx as a potential source of make up until I saw on a blog that someone (I forget who) had picked up an absolute bargain in there. I managed to pick up a Cargo Cosmetics palette in the Newcastle branch last year for the princely sum of £9.99 (it’s £24.50 in Debenhams), so imagine my delight to find this travel palette by theBalm in there too! According to the label, it should have been £28, and it was only £16.99.

theBalm Voyage 2 Travel Palette

Look at this packaging! Isn’t it gorgeous?! Its images conjure up 1950s tourism posters.

The outer slipcase just slides off, and the inside packaging is exactly the same as the slipcase. The only difference is the two magnetic panels which flip up to reveal the contents.

Inside, you get a mirror, nine eyeshadows, a highligher, a bronzer, two blushes, and two tints that can be used on lips or cheeks. Sadly there are no brushes or applicators, but in all honesty I never really use the ones that come in palettes any more unless it’s an Urban Decay palette.

the balm voyage travel palette

All of the shades are ways to say ‘Welcome’ in different languages, and you can’t see it properly but on the inside of the case that covers the lip/cheek tints, there are suggested colour combinations.

Here’s a closer look at the eyeshadows…

the balm voyage travel palette

And the face shades…

the balm voyage travel palette

But is it any good?

Well I tried it for the first time on Saturday. I was impressed with the buttery softness of the eye shadows, and they blended like an absolute dream. I put Welcome all over the lid, right up to the brow bone, and then blended Willkommen through the crease. I packed Benvenuto onto the lid, and dabbed Failte right into the crease, and along the lower lash line. I also used the Kuwakaribisha highlighter shade on the brow bone.

balm voyage 2

I used Croeso to contour, and Huan Ying as blusher. I’m also wearing Vitajte as a lip tint, but it also doubles as a cheek tint.

balm voyage 2

Trouble was, I didn’t feel that the eye shades really held onto their pigmentation. In the pan, Valkommen is really dark with strong gold glitter in it, but none of the glitter transferred to the eye. It seemed to fade quite easily throughout the day.

I love the cheek powders, and they blend so well, but I am a little disappointed that the eye shades need retouching – I’m not used to that with Make Up Revolution which is a fraction of the price!

Have you ever used any palettes by theBalm? What do you think of them?


10 thoughts on “First Impressions: The Balm Voyage 2 travel palette

  1. That is a stunning looking palette but shame that they fade quickly throughout the day. I personally will not be purchasing this palette because I dislike having cream and powder products in the same palette, the cream products get so dirty over time. 😦

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    1. Yeah, I think they could have put in extra eyeshadows or different blushes (or maybe an eyebrow product) instead of the lip and cheek tints! Luckily they have a little magnetic flap that folds over them 🙂

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