Rediscovering Make Up Revolution’s Black Velvet

make up revolution black velvetI’m really bad for buying new palettes, using them obsessively for a week, and then going back to tried and trusted favourites! Lately I’ve been pushing myself to use different palettes, and this week I rediscovered the hidden gem that is the Black Velvet eye palette by budget favourite, Make Up Revolution.

Containing sixteen shadows, the palette features three shimmer shades and thirteen mattes. The packaging is cute, with a black plastic heart on top of the fake velvet lid. (Though it must be said, the heart makes it awkward if you stack palettes) The extra wide beige shade is perfect for highlighting!

I’m a big fan of matte shades, and you’ve got a good enough range to use cooler-toned colours for a muted grey look, or warmer tones for more springtime looks. I’ve made a real effort to try out three different approaches this week, solely using this palette!

Look 1 – Grey Shimmer Smoky

I started off by applying Nyx’s jumbo eye pencil in Milk to the lid. Next I packed on Cry with a flat brush, blending it into the crease. I smoked it out by blending Cry upwards into Slow, and then ran Tender under the brow bone.

make up revolution black velvet

make up revolution black velvet

Look 2 – Neutral Everyday

I put Baby all over the eyelid, with True under the brow. I blended Want from the crease upwards, and then blending Wild into that, so Want creates a halo. I deepened Wild by adding Velvet right in the crease. Then I ran Wild and Velvet along the lower lashline.

make up revolution black velvet

make up revolution black velvet

Look 3 – Brown and Gold Halo Eye

For this look, I applied Tender from the crease up to the brow bone. I applied Bring to the inner corner, through the crease, and then to the outer third of the eye. I blended this so much above the crease that I didn’t actually need a transition shade. I packed Long into the central third of the lid, and deepened the outer third with Sin. I ran Sin and Please along the lower lash line!

make up revolution black velvet

make up revolution black velvet

What do you think of these looks? Would you try the Black Velvet palette? Let me know in the comments!


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