3 Make Up Revolution Lip Formulas

I posted a few weeks back about my Make Up Revolution haul, which included the Ultra Salvation Lip Collection. It’s a six item bumper box of all things lip product. As it reflects the Salvation range available in store, I figured I’d do a review of the three different finishes included in the set.

Velvet Salvation Lip Lacquer

The velvet lip products do dry down a little, and they do have a matte finish, but they don’t suck all of the moisture out of your lips like other liquid lipsticks do. The nude shade from the set (which was sadly nameless and doesn’t appear to be part of the regular collection) felt a lot nicer on the lips even than the Velvet Black Heart lip lacquer I tried last year. This shade is pretty similar to their Ultra Velour Lip Cream, Move Your Mouth Forever.

make up revolution velvet lip lacquer

The only drawback is that for some reason it does move around on your lips a little, so I ended up with a weird build up along the line where my lips met. Not the end of the world but it does look odd.

Ultra Velour Salvation Lip Cream

I’ve tried one of these once before, in Say Yes, it’s What We Do Best, but the two in the lip collection are closest to Rebel and All I think about is You. This is the darker one.

make up revolution ultra velour lip cream

I needed to apply three coats, using a lip brush for precision at the edges, so it wouldn’t look patchy. It lasted pretty well, only flaking off where my lips met, but it actually withstood a reapplication, which some liquid lipsticks just don’t tolerate! Pretty impressed with this one.

make up revolution ultra velour lip cream

I would recommend that you use a lipliner with this one as it can bleed and feather a little otherwise.

Salvation Intense Lip Lacquer

This is the Make Up Revolution equivalent of the Illamasqua Intense Lip Glosses. I’ve got four of these now – two from the lip collection and two from the 2016 Professional Collection. The colours from the lip collection are closest to A Love like that and Depravity. While again you can’t buy these shades outside of the sets, this should give you some idea of what the finish will be like for the ones that are are available in store.

make up revolution intense lipgloss

It looks REALLY bright in the tube, and here it is on the lips.

make up revolution intense lipgloss

It actually feels pretty comfortable, and it’s not as sticky as a lot of intense lip glosses. The colour doesn’t last forever but it doesn’t ‘pill’ the way Illamasqua’s intense lip glosses sometimes do after you’ve been wearing them a while. I think I might try this one over the top of a lip liner!

Which Make Up Revolution lip products do you like?


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