Five February Favourites

It’s often difficult for me to identify ‘favourite’ products on a monthly basis since in a lot of cases, I use the same things all the time. That’s my eye liner, foundation, powder and so on. But here are five products that I’ve definitely made a beeline for in February!

Morphe Brushes 35N Palette

morphe brushes 35N palette

I can’t put into words how much I love this palette. It’s all mattes, which I’m gravitating towards more and more. The colour pay off is extremely good, the shades all blend very well but most importantly they stay put. I don’t have to keep topping them up throughout the day! There’s a good mix of russets and browns, along with a few pinks and even a couple of greys, so I can mix things up as and when I need to.

Would anyone like a video tutorial using this palette?

B. Prepared Makeup Primer

B. Prepared Makeup Primer

Since I started using the B. primer I’ve definitely noticed a difference in the longevity of my foundation – see my post here for a comparison with the Soap & Glory primer. I don’t need to blot until much later in the day! Plus my skin feels lovely and smooth after I’ve put it on. Winner!

Nyx Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in Sandstorm

nyx Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in Sandstorm

I only just picked this up recently but it’s such a gorgeous colour – and lasts really well – that it’s permanently in my make up bag. It’s a good all-round nude shade that’s perfect for daytime wear, and being a cream lipstick means it doesn’t dry my lips out. That said, it doesn’t come off easily either so it’s a good all-rounder!

LA Splash Dia de los Muertos liquid lipstick in Valentina

la splash valentina

I know I’ve just said I prefer cream lipsticks but I’ve developed a real love for this liquid lipstick; it looks burgundy in the tube but it’s a super dark maroon purpley-red when I put it on, so it’s great for evenings out. I do use a lipliner and a lip brush to get sharp edges but it doesn’t bleed or feather like some liquid lipsticks do. It does chip off where my lips meet if I eat or drink anything but it actually stands up to reapplication really well.

Essence Half Lashes

essence half lashes

I first saw these in a video by Siobhan from LetzMakeup and I found them in my local Wilkos. They’re so much easier to apply than full lashes, they look more natural, and they’re more comfortable. Half the time I don’t even know I have them on. Plus at £2.50 a pack you can’t complain!

Have you used any of these products? Will you be tracking them down? Let me know in the comments!


4 thoughts on “Five February Favourites

  1. Oooh that palette looks amazing!!!! I have it in my head that I don’t tend to suit matte shadows for some reason, but I’d be seriously tempted to splash out on that palette. Those are just my colours too!! Fab favs Icy 🙂 XXX

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