New lip colours by LA Splash and OCC

I got the Catrina and Valentina Studioshine liquid lipsticks by LA Splash Cosmetics for Christmas, and naturally I tried them both out. I forgot to take a photo of Valentina, which is a super dark red, but here’s Catrina. It’s brown in the tube, and it was on the swatch on my hand, but it goes on a dark greenish blue!

catrina LA Splash Cosmetics

I wanted to try another one, and turns out Cocktail Cosmetics stock them in the UK! The only shade they had left was Hasta La Muerte but I’m a sucker for purple so it’s fine!

LA Splash Cosmetics

hasta la muerte

It’s lighter in the tube, and on the website it looked a lot brighter, but when I put it on it was very reminiscent of Make Up Revolution’s Black Heart velvet lipstick. It’s got a little more of a metallic look than Black Heart though, which is super matte, and I found putting it on with a lipbrush helped me get razor sharp edges. It did need two coats though as it goes on a little patchy.

hasta la muerte

It did chip and flake off where my lips meet but I was pleasantly surprised by how well the colour lasted, even after eating and drinking. It’ll need a touch up but other than that, it’s pretty good – and Hasta La Muerte didn’t feel quite as drying as Catrina, too.

OCC Lip Tar

I also picked up an OCC lip tar, which I’ve been fascinated by for months. They didn’t have a huge range of colours but one of their metallic shades, Pris (named after Daryl Hannah’s Blade Runner character) was available on sale so I grabbed that. It comes in this cute little pouch with a lip brush!

OCC Lip Tar Pris

Here it is, in all its metallic glory.

OCC Lip Tar Pris

It applied quite smoothly, but being metallic it did seem a little patchy. I liked the feeling of it when I first applied it, as it seemed a little more creamy than the other lip products I’ve tried.

OCC Lip Tar Pris

That said, I did end up with a strange line of product where my lips met, and they did start to feel a little dry after a while, although my lips didn’t flake the way they can do with liquid lipsticks. I think the lighter colours might have fewer problems but I’ll definitely be giving another one a go based on this one!

OCC Lip Tar Pris

Have you tried LA Splash or OCC lip products before? Let me know in the comments!


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