New Nails for a New Me

Apologies for the extended silence here. I’ve not been well the past three weeks, and I’ve had a bit of an upset in my personal life so blogging hasn’t really been high on my agenda. BUT. One of the only advantages to getting dumped in January is retail therapy costs so much less than it does at other times in the year! I decided to treat myself in a vain effort to cheer myself up.

Nail Apothecary Matte Top Coat By Elegant Touch

I picked up this cool ‘mattifying’ nail varnish top coat from Elegant Touch’s Nail Apothecary line! I love matte make up so I figured my nails should join in on the trend.

Nail Apothecary

I tried it out today – here are my nails before, painted using a single coat of Max Factor Nailfinity in Gilded Ruby.

nail apothecary

And here are my nails after I added the top coat!

nail apothecary

There has been a definite ‘damping down’ of the shine on the original polish, but it hasn’t affected the glitter in Max Factor shade, so I have a weird combination of shimmer and matte…which I think I quite like! I haven’t had it on long but I’ll post an update as to how long my nails lasted before the polish chipped! It was £6.95 so I hope it was worth it…

Pantone Universe 24 Colour Eyeshadow Palette

I also picked up this 24-eyeshadow palette as well.

pantone eye shadow

The designer geek in me loved the idea of Pantone make up, and given it was reduced from £16 to £8, it seemed rude not to! I’ll do a proper first impressions post (and maybe a video, if people want one) when I play with it properly.

Have you used Nail Apothecary or Pantone make up before?


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