Christmas Make Up Haul

Apologies for the silence around here, I’ve been poorly for the last ten days or so – right over Christmas! While everyone else is posting their New Year Resolutions, or ideas for New Year make up, I’m just going to show off what make up I got for Christmas.

Vice 4 palette by Urban Decay

I got this from my parents.

Urban Decay Vice 4

The colours are gorgeous but as you can see from the photos below, the sparkly shades have a lot of fall out. It’s a good job I do my eye make up before I apply my foundation!

Urban Decay Vice 4 palette

I really liked the colours when I first looked at it in the store, and now I’m not sure, but I suppose I’ll just need to play with it some more to see what looks I can come up with.

Gwen Stefani palette by Urban Decay

Next up was another palette! This one was a present to myself because the last few weeks have been a bit stressful, to say the least.

Gwen Stefani by Urban Decay

I’d seen a lot about it online and I hadn’t been blown away, particularly since it seemed to be heavily geared towards nude shades.

Gwen Stefani by Urban Decay

Still, I looked at it in the store and quite liked how it looked, and I figured it would be more versatile for travelling than the six-shade Urban Decay Naked Basics palette that I usually take.

Urban Decay Matte Revolution lipstick in Stark Naked

This wasn’t a present, I just wanted it.

matte revolution urban decay stark naked

I’d had a free sample of this and really liked it so I thought I’d splurge on the full size version!

Urban Decay Eyeliner Pencils in Cosmic

My other Christmas present to myself!

urban decay cosmic

I needed a new black pencil anyway, and this set was only £16.66 in the sale.

urban decay cosmic

It includes, from left to right; Zero (black), Stag (satin brown), Cosmic (white), Trick (copper) and Supply (coppery brown).

LA Cosmetics Studioshine Lip Lustre liquid lipsticks

Last but not least was my other Christmas make up!

liquid lipsticks

My American friend sent me these and I’ve never used LA Cosmetics before so it’ll be interesting to see what they’re like. The top one is brown, and is called Catrina, while the bottom one is deep red and is called Valentina.

la cosmetics studioshine

Can’t wait to get stuck into them!

Did you get any make up for Christmas?


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