Mini Pre-Christmas Haul

I promised myself no new makeup before Christmas (and then promptly bought two Urban Decay Perversion mascaras because they were on offer – two for £23!), but I had a mini haul on Monday because I was feeling lousy and wanted to cheer myself up.

Superdrug beauty haul

First up were these half lashes by Essence. Siobhan McDonnell mentioned them in a recent video (if you don’t subscribe to her YouTube channel then you should, she’s brilliant) and I often find full lashes seem to stab me in the inner corners of my eyes so I hoped they might be more comfortable!

essence half lashes

Then I toddled off to Superdrug where I had a look at the GOSH display. It’s a while since I had any of their products but I remembered liking their lipsticks. Plus they had an offer where if you spent £10 you got a free eyeshadow palette. So I started off with this eyeshadow stick;

GOSH forever eye shadow

I chose a soft gold in Beige 2. It’s waterproof and metallic, and I find it’s a good way to add a bright highlight to the inner corners of my eyes. It’s also not bad at blending, as I found out yesterday when I added it to burgundy eyeshadow. Should be quite good for festive looks. Here’s a (fairly bad quality) swatch on the back of my hand;

GOSH cosmetics

I also got a Velvet Touch lipstick in Amethyst (131). I’ve had their lipsticks before and they’re pretty longlasting. I didn’t like any of the matte shades but the velvet touch ones are more of a satin finish.

GOSH cosmetics

Last but not least is the palette. It seems the world and his wife are bringing out smoky palettes at the moment, but at least this one isn’t a direct copy of the Urban Decay one (unlike the new Make Up Revolution palette). The full title of the palette is “Smokey Nudes 1” but if I’m honest, I don’t really see many nude shades in here.

GOSH cosmetics

The five shades on the left are warm toned, ranging from a pale beige to a dark plum, while the five shades on the right are cool toned, included white, silver, grey, black and dark blue. All of the colours are quite glittery so it’ll be interesting to see how they work out. I’ll swatch them and try a look with them for my next post.

Have you used any of these products, and if you have, what did you think? Let me know in the comments!


One thought on “Mini Pre-Christmas Haul

  1. I did exactly the same…no new products before Xmas…2 palettes later!!! I like Gosh products too. They do really nice foundation primers. 🙂

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