November favourites


How is it almost December already? Absolute madness. Anyway, I figured I’d highlight a few products that I’ve really enjoyed using this month, featuring foundation, eyeshadow, eyeliner and lipstick.

Foundation – Beautiful Movements Powder Foundation

Beautiful Movements Powder FoundationI discovered this by chance through, who offer a tester jar for £1.25. I’ve since upgraded to the full-size jar, complete with sifter. The concept is pretty similar to Bare Minerals, but one jar of this is £14, compared to £26 for Bare Minerals. I use Stripped, which is a pale but neutral shade.

It buffs on easily with a Real Techniques Base Brush, and it lasts a really long time. Even when it starts to show a little shine throughout the day, you simply blot, and it looks good as new. It gives a much more natural finish to my face, and looks less cake-y than liquid foundations. I also tried it when I had a large spot beside my nose and the matching powder concealer hid that bad boy far better than any liquid product has done. Consider me converted!

It’s available from, the Beautiful Movements website, or Holland & Barrett.

Eyeshadow – Make Up Revolution New-Trals vs Neutrals palette

Make Up Revolution paletteWhile I’ve been getting fed up with the trend of Make Up Revolution to create an endless parade of dupe products, even going so far as to copy the packaging, I have to admit I am pleasantly surprised by this palette.

The box is the usual black with gold foil lettering, and it boasts on the front that it features a professional eyeshadow brush. While I like the palette, I think that’s a somewhat dubious claim because the brush is nowhere near the quality of my Real Techniques brushes!

Inside, the palette itself is actually a nice matte black, instead of the usual shiny black that shows up endless fingerprints.

Make Up Revolution palette

The palette contains sixteen colours, and while the idea is supposed to be half new colours and half neutrals, they’re not exactly arranged in two separate strips.

Make Up Revolution palette

They’re a mixture of matte, satin and shimmer shades, but thankfully even the ones that look glittery in the pans aren’t actually that glittery on the skin. I’ve used it twice now, and I’ve been impressed by how well the colours last, as well as how pigmented they are. A definite bargain at just £6.99, and I can see myself getting a lot of versatile looks out of this palette.

Eyeliner – Supercat Fat Eyeliner by Soap & Glory

Soap & Glory Supercat Fat EyelinerI used to use the regular Supercat eyeliner but I was never impressed by how quickly the felt tip seemed to dry out, which is a common problem with felt tips, as they get clogged with powder product. Still, I wanted to buy the One Heck of a Blot foundation and powder, and since Boots had a 3-for-2 offer on, I grabbed this as well.

I actually prefer it to the regular Supercat – its large nib means you can create a thicker, more even line, and if you hold it at an angle you can get slightly more calligraphic effects. It’s not waterproof so I did find it started to bleed near the inner corners of my eyes, and it even feathered at the outer corners on cold days when my eyes water more, but it’s easy to touch up, and it’s a strong, matte black, which I like.

Lipstick – Urban Decay Matte Revolution 1993

Urban Decay 1993I love Urban Decay, and while I tend to buy lip products that I wear once or twice before they go in my drawer to be forgotten about, this one is permanently in my make up bag.

It’s a gorgeous shade, perfect for this time of year, and while it is a matte lipstick, it’s not as drying as other brands. It’s also a good match for the Liar lip liner that I already had! The colour lasts for ages, and it’s smooth and easy to apply.

I do find it’s better with a lipliner, and I end up using a lip brush to get perfect edges, but it wears well throughout the day, and it also works quite well over lip balm.

What have been your beauty favourites this November? Let me know in the comments below!


7 thoughts on “November favourites

  1. I’ve been loving MAC Diva and my Bobbi Brown Blush in Slopes. I need that UD Lipstick! It looks gorgeous + 1993 is my birth year so… that’s self-explanatory I guess 🙂

  2. That Eye Shadow *swooooon* Those colours are amazing!! Was really interested to hear your views on the Urban Decay lippy, I love their palettes & primer but have never tried their lip products… shall change all that very soon based on your recommendation 😉 Great post!!! Xx

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