#Review – Illamasqua Nomadic palette

Illamasqua Nomadic paletteI’ve imposed a ban on buying new make up until after Christmas, but thankfully I imposed said ban a day after I ordered this beauty from Illamasqua during their last sale.

Look at it! Isn’t it gorgeous? It’s part of their Earth range, and you’d be forgiven for thinking a collection name like that would have inspired browns – not so for Illamasqua!

The colours are; Loam (a deep earth green), Terra (terracotta), Gravity (silvery grey) and Solitude (pale matte grey).

It’s nice to have an Illamasqua palette that doesn’t involve a cream shade, as I don’t always like them, and having three mattes is also a nice change. Solitude is a lovely, buttery powder that works as a good all-over shade, and Terra isn’t as bright as I was worried it might be.

This is the first look that I came up with using it;

Illamasqua Nomadic palette

I put Solitude all over the eye, and Gravity in the crease. I put Terra in the inner corners, and darkened the outer corners with Loam. I’m also wearing Loam under the eyes but the colour hasn’t shown up properly.

This is a second look;

Illamasqua Nomadic palette

I put Solitude all over the eye, and Loam in the crease and at the outer corner. I put Terra along the lower lashline.

The colour pay off is fantastic, and I didn’t notice much fall out with any of the shades. They’re easy to blend, and easy to apply – more so than the Complement or Spirit palettes that I already own. Better yet, the colours lasted all day – I applied them at around 10am, and they were still going strong a good twelve hours later!

I highly recommend Nomadic, and applying Terra as an accent colour is a good way to start adding brighter colours if you’re a little nervous about bold shades!



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