3-way Make Up Revolution review – Eyes, Lips & Face

So it’s a bit of a Make Up Revolution review today, looking at three of their products! I won two of them as part of HollyPop‘s recent giveaway, so I thought I’d try a few things out and let you know what I think.

Hot Smoked eye palette

Hot Smoked paletteThis palette is pretty much a ‘dupe’ for Urban Decay’s Smoked palette from a couple of years ago, which I also own. Another blogger mentioned this the other day (I forget who – if it was you please link me in the comments!) that a lot of Make Up Revolution’s products are starting to only be dupes of other companies, and it is getting a little much. Come on guys, come up with something new!

That said, not everyone can afford Urban Decay – while the quality of the UD Smoked palette is phenomenal, it was £35, and this palette is only £4. The colours are pretty good, though they don’t necessarily swatch the way they look in the pan.

Hot Smoked palette swatches

They do blend well and it’s a nice range of darker tones, so if you don’t have these colours, or you can’t find the Smoked palette, then give this one a go instead.

You can buy it here.

Here I am wearing the different ranges of purples. The colour pay off is nice, and they do last well throughout the day.

Hot Smoked palette

Ultra Sculpt & Contour Kit

Make Up Revolution Contour KitThis palette isn’t so much a dupe for the Sleek contour kit as a direct copy, though I’ll be honest, the pigmentation is actually better with the MUR version. I find I need to use a lot more product with the Sleek version, and their blusher is just too ‘coral’ for my skin tone. The MUR one is a nicer shade, though I’d have preferred it to be matte rather than shimmery.

The powders are soft without being chalky, and you don’t need a lot to get an effect – especially with the highlighter. That said, I do wish they’d do a dual version without the blusher since I use one of their other blushers.

This version is in Ultra Fair C01, and you can buy it here.

Lip Power in Anticipate It

This is one of MUR’s Lipstick/Lipgloss duos, and it’s the product I bought, rather than won. One end is a matte lipstick, while the other is a shimmery lipgloss. Here it is with the lipstick on its own…

Make Up Revolution Lip Power

And here it is with the lipgloss added.

Make Up Revolution Lip Power

I actually think it looks better with the lipgloss on top because it looks somehow unfinished on its own, and the gloss also stopped the lipstick from drying out and feeling uncomfortable on the lips – being a matte lipstick it was a little drying. The gloss also seemed to make the colour last longer, although it does have a bizarre bubblegum scent that I’m not crazy about. It’s currently only £2 on sale.

Here’s the finished look!

Make Up Revolution

Have you tried any of these products, and if so, what did you think?


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