Don’t worry, be happy

The theme for Day 28 is ‘Ten things which make you happiest’. This is a difficult one for me because I feel like there’s a lot of overlap with previous themes, like favourite hobbies or the thankful posts. Still, I’ll give it my best shot.


299 - Victoria Sandwich Cake
I really do enjoy baking, and cakes are a particular favourite. This one was a Victoria sandwich cake that worked better than I could have expected! It might be a cliché but cake really does make me happy.


Knitting honeycomb cable
Whether it’s writing, knitting, drawing, taking photographs or painting, I’m rarely happier than when I’m creating something new. This particular image is a honeycomb cable cowl that I’m hoping to have finished soon!

Old places

La Specola

I’m absolutely fascinated by places that bear a peculiar air of neglect. This room was at La Specola in Florence, and I’m not entirely sure I was even supposed to be in there. But its peeling paint, empty shelves and odd silence made it irresistable.



As I discussed in my post about books, reading is one of my favourite pastimes, and there’s something very magical about being able to while away a few hours inside the world of a well-written book.


Odeon Cinema
I absolutely love the cinema, particularly the Tyneside Cinema in Newcastle. I think that’s why I get so annoyed by people who check their phones or talk during films. Why bother going to the cinema if you’re not going to pay attention to the film?!


Rose and Hydrangea at the Alnwick Garden
I love nature, and being out and about in it. The Alnwick Garden is one of my favourite places in the country, particularly when the Rose Garden is in bloom! It’s even nicer if you manage to go to the woods and it feels like you’re there on your own, with only the birds and animals for company.


Jervaulx Abbey
This ties into Nature – when I was younger I always thought I’d be happy if I was rich and famous, but now I’m older, I find I’m happier when I have peace and quiet. Never underestimate the power of silence! This picture is Jervaulx Abbey in Yorkshire and we were literally the only three people there. So peaceful!


Let’s be honest, Mother Nature has an amazing paintbox to play with and sometimes she just absolutely nails it. I love dramatic sunsets, even though that time of day can be quite sad as the day draws to a close.

Seeing new places

Ponte Vecchio

This year alone I’ve been to London, Vienna and Florence, although it doesn’t look like I’ll be going anywhere next year. I love seeing new cities, and exploring different urban environments, particularly if there are plenty of quirky things to see.

Make up

urban decay naked smoky palette

Last but definitely not least! I wouldn’t have this blog if it wasn’t for my love of make up. I love the fact it can express a mood, change a look, or just simply be fun to play with.

What makes you happy?


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