Top 5 Hobbies

Day 26 of the September Blogging Challenge and today is all about your top 5 favourite hobbies or pastimes. I think these will look familiar to anyone who has read my other entries in this challenge…


Image 072 - HandwarmersI’ve been knitting since around 2008, I think, and I absolutely love it. It’s relaxing, it’s fun, and it’s even been proven to be beneficial to body and mind! I enjoy knitting presents for people, and I’ve been selling my knitwear on my Etsy shop for a while now. I’ve even started taking commissions and I really enjoy finding out what someone wants so they’re satisfied with the end product. It’s a dialogue, more than a sale.


Image 172 - PentaxI’ve been into photography since I was ten, and I love shooting on film as much as I do going digital. I have a Canon 400D, a Pentax ME Super, a Diana Lomo Mini, a Canon Powershot, and my trusty Samsung Galaxy S4! For me it’s about exploring the visual side of existence as much as it is documenting the world around me.


Image 163 - HandwritingI almost hesitate to call writing a ‘hobby’ since I do actually write stuff that gets published, from novellas with independent publishers to short stories in anthologies. It’s more of a secondary career than a hobby or pastime, but sometimes I do just write for fun, and I spend so much time doing it that it seemed to make sense putting it here.


Baby squirrel drawingI’m not brilliant at it by any means, I’ve pretty much gotten out of the habit since I did my A Level Art, but I do enjoy it. I’ve tried to keep drawing every day but it’s not always that easy, and I tend not to draw if I’m not in the mood since I know whatever I draw will be crap and it’ll be poor motivation to try again. Still, I really do need to practice as it’s the only way I’ll improve!


booksMy mum often jokes that I was born with a book in my hand, and the corners were the worst to deliver! I love reading, whether it’s a paperback or on my Kindle, and I always have several books on the go at any given time. You can check out yesterday’s post to see what it is that I’m reading right now!

What are your favourite pastimes?


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