Pick a cause, any cause

Woodland at Finchale Priory
Woodland at Finchale Priory

Onto Day 20 of the September Blogging Challenge, and today it’s all about a cause you feel passionate about. I currently support several charities, including the WWF, the Snow Leopard Trust, English Heritage, The Brooke, the Bat Conservation Trust, and the Butterfly Conservation Trust, as well as sponsoring my friends when they raise money for charities like MIND, Macmillan Cancer Trust, and so on. But the cause I want to highlight today though is the Woodland Trust.

The Woodland Trust are the UK’s largest woodland conservation charity, and their main campaign thrust is to protect ancient woods, as well as restoring damaged ones and trying to save those under threat. They also plant new woodland by reaching out to communities and schools. Their goal is to get people visiting woods, planting trees, looking after wildlife and basically enjoying having woodland around. Given the UK used to be covered in woodland, and now we’re reduced to pockets, it’s a really important cause. Trees are pretty much the earth’s lungs and if you cut them down willy-nilly, it’s like clogging your own alveoli with tar.

Belsay Hall Quarry Garden
Belsay Hall Quarry Garden

I just find woodland so relaxing, and there’s something magical about them. I particularly like visiting the Quarry Garden at Belsay Hall, where you feel you could turn a corner and bump into Jareth the Goblin King, or come across Queen Mab herself talking to the songbirds. It doesn’t matter what time of year that you visit, either – it’s the prettiest in spring, but there are birds and signs of animals all year around. For me, that’s the point – it’s not just some hippy claptrap about being one with nature, it’s about protecting the natural habitat of wildlife, as well as caring for the lungs of our planet. Mother Nature was here well before we were, and she’ll be here long after – and it’ll make our time on Earth far nicer if we take care of our surroundings.

What about you? What causes do you support?


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