What beauty means to me

Today was supposed to be Makeup-Less Monday but as you can tell, the 16th is not a Monday, so I’m going to focus on the secondary aspect of the day’s theme – what beauty means to me!

I’ve talked about this before, in the post in which I asked ‘Should women have to wear make up, or should they be allowed to do whatever they want to their bodies?’ In summary, I tried to communicate the fact that it should entirely be a choice, because too often women who don’t wear make up belittle those who do, and men often deride make up fans as being ‘fake’. If you want to read the full post, you can find it here.

As for what beauty means to me, make up is temporary and it’s a legitimate form of self expression. I even use it to accessorise my outfit – if I’m wearing blue clothes then I’ll wear blue eye make up. Why is that seen as a crime? I keep getting told that men won’t find me attractive if I wear brightly coloured make up but I wearing make up for me and not for anyone else.

I genuinely enjoy putting on make up. It’s a fun way to ease myself into the day (until I realise my eyeliner isn’t even). I’m also incredibly pale and if I don’t wear make up I look really ill, so I’m really stuck between a rock and a hard place; wear make up and have people asking why I wear it, or don’t wear it and have people asking if I’m well enough to be out and about.

So to me, beauty is all about choice.


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