What do I watch?

Day 15 of the September Blogging Challenge is ‘Your favourite TV shows’, so I thought I’d highlight three of the shows I particularly enjoy. Bearing in mind I also watch ElementaryArrowThe FlashSleepy HollowCommunityBrooklyn Nine Nine and other shows that have finished but I’m still working my way through, this is only a small selection!

The Strain

I absolutely loved the first series! I loved Corey Stoll as Eph Goodweather, the epidemiologist fighting against a mysterious viral outbreak. It’s a mixture of science fiction and horror, blending zombies, viruses and vampires, with a smattering of occult goodness in the form of Abraham Setrakian (David Bradley), the vampire hunter who has been after the Master since the Second World War. I haven’t watched the second series yet but I do have the first few episodes on the Sky box ready to go!

Penny Dreadful

I wasn’t entirely sure about the first series, though I absolutely adored Rory Kinnear as Frankenstein’s Creature, but the second series blew me away. I think a lot of it was down to them making Vanessa (Eva Green) a lot more likeable, but I still loved Kinnear. Sorry, but he’ll always be my favourite, and his performance actually made me well up a bit at the end. Can’t wait for the third series, though I hope they don’t fall back on Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde. Here are my seven alternatives for Gothic characters they could introduce…

Ripper Street

I’ve been a fan of Ripper Street since it started, and I was gutted when it initially got cancelled after series 2. Thankfully Amazon Prime bought it, and series 3 is finally being shown on the BBC after its run online. My favourite is probably Captain Jackson (Adam Rothenberg) but all three of the leads put in such stunning performances in every episode, sometimes it’s difficult to choose! The women of Ripper Street often get the best storylines, and Rose (Charlene McKenna) certainly had some cracking scenes in series 2. The critics haven’t always been so kind but I’m glad to see there will be at least another two series!

What TV shows do you like watching?


One thought on “What do I watch?

  1. Love this line up. The second series of Penny Dreadful was so much better, really enjoyed that.
    Haven’t seen the Strain yet, but I will definitely have a look at that now 🙂
    xx Anne

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