What is a guilty pleasure?

Day 13 is all about your top guilty pleasures, but I have to wonder, why does a pleasure have to be guilty? Why can’t I just enjoy something without feeling like I either have to justify it, or write it off as being ‘guilty’? I suppose a guilty pleasure is more something that you enjoy that doesn’t ‘fit’ with your personal image, so here are 3 things I enjoy that you might not expect that I would…


I know I probably shouldn’t but I love Abba. Their music is a lot more complicated than it probably sounds, and their songs have the potential to be lodged in your head for days on end – you don’t get that with a lot of stuff that has more musical ability behind it. Plus I defy anyone not to sing along to Waterloo.


Stardust is a very good little novel by Neil Gaiman, but it was also one of my favourite films of 2007. It’s the kind of film I can just watch again and again, particularly when I’m poorly. I love the cast, the costumes, the soundtrack – everything! Particularly this scene…


This kind of ties in with Abba – Eurovision is awful but I actually really enjoy it, especially when I watch it with my mum and have Twitter running on my tablet, since the #eurovision commentary is almost as good as Graham Norton’s!

What are your guilty pleasures?


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