A Day in the Life of…

Onto Day 10 of the September Blogging Challenge! Blimey, 1/3 of the way through the month already! 2015 is going too fast… The theme is A Day in the Life! Come with me and see my Thursday…

If I’m at work, I get up at 6:30am and I paint my face…

Then I get to venture outside and wait for a Metro to take me into town…

Image 206 - Miserable morning

I get to work and usually have some kind of hot drink. This would be especially decadent.

276 - Salted caramel hot chocolate

And this is the kind of environment in which I spend my day! Lots of computer goodness. I teach Digital Skills for Graphic Design & Illustration, if you’re wondering.

That said, I didn’t take a photo because we’ve just been moving office. This guy has been my friend over the past week. I got really good at manoeuvring it.

I do my work, and head home for the day. When I get back, I either have more work to do for my academic pursuits, blogging, or maybe a spot of knitting!

361 - Bernard takes up knitting

How do you spend your day?


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