8 things you love about yourself

Onwards and upwards with the September Blogging Challenge! Today’s theme is ‘eight things you love about yourself’. I find things like this really hard after a lifetime of self deprecation but I’ll try my best!

  1. I don’t mind looking silly. The image on the left was taken when I went to see a screening of The Shining in May – the theme was eveningwear, so I wore my ball gown with my knee high New Rocks so at least my feet would be comfortable!
  2. I don’t hide who I am. I use online dating (sad, I know) and I’ve had people tell me not to put certain things on my profile in case it puts prospective guys off…but I’d rather just be myself and if someone is put off on a profile, then they’re bound to be put off in real life, so why not just be upfront?
  3. I work hard. I have a lot of commitments and I try to make sure that I balance all of them, but I always have something on the go. I don’t like being idle.
  4. I help people where I can. I don’t like saying ‘no’ unless I really can’t do something, so I like to help out when people ask for stuff. Within reason, obviously. Some people take the mick and expect too much for too little in return, which takes me onto…
  5. I’m not afraid to just walk away from people. If I find them too draining, or they’re too dramatic, or they’re just flat out toxic then I don’t feel compelled to continue the association out of nostalgia, or whatever. I haven’t got the time or the patience.
  6. I’m very good with logic. Sometimes it’s difficult having the kind of brain that excels at practical solutions or rational thinking, and I struggle with emotional problems or offering a shoulder to cry on, but having a logical way of thinking has its own benefits. It makes decision-making a lot easier.
  7. I’m good at making things, and I like making things as presents. It’s mostly knitwear or jewellery but it’s good being able to ask someone what they’d like for Christmas, and then present them with something that suits them – which no one else will have!
  8. Having a curious mind. I love learning, whether it’s for my PhD, books I’m writing, or just something I’m interested in. I’m constantly seeking new information on topics.

What about you? What do you love about yourself?


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