6 things to look forward to in Autumn

It’s now day 6 of the September blogging challenge, and the theme today is ‘six things about Fall you’re looking forward to’. I never used to like the autumn, and while it heralds the students coming back to the college where I teach, I’ve learned to appreciate the season for what it brings!


237 - CowlI’m a diehard knitter (you can find my knitwear for sale on my Etsy shop, IcyHandmade), and few things give me as much pleasure as an excuse to make new knitwear! Well, aside from actually wearing new knitwear – and there is so much gorgeous knitwear in the shops this season. I’ll be making myself a poncho when my new yarn shows up.

I made the squishy purple cowl in this photo using Debbie Bliss Paloma and it is so warm. It’s like having a constant cuddle. It’s rice stitch, if anyone’s interested, and because it’s chunky yarn it knits up really quickly.

Beautiful colours

280 - Autumn blaze

All of the seasons have their attractions but few go out in a blaze of glory quite like autumn. The stunning array of reds and golds really underline the summer before we slide into the grey monotony of winter (unless we get snow).

True, you do have to put up with the nights drawing in, and the mornings taking longer to get going, but the sunrises and sunsets can be absolutely spectacular! They almost make the shorter days worth it!

Hot drinks

Image 211 - Coffee

I love hot drinks anyway – well, coffee and hot chocolate – but autumn gives me the perfect excuse to drink as much of it as I want. After all, what can be a better pick-me-up than something hot and sweet when the wind is blowing?

That said, I’m not someone who counts down the days until Starbucks brings out their pumpkin spice lattes. I’m a black coffee gal through and through.

Long walks amid fallen leaves

Lost Leaf

This ties in with my love of the beautiful colours and the desire for hot drinks – there’s nothing quite as bracing as a long walk on a cool autumn day, watching nature start putting itself to bed before it hides beneath the duvet of winter. It would be nice to have someone to go on autumn walks with but I’ll no doubt end up going alone, as ever. *sigh*

The smell

324 - Cold Sky

I had no idea how to capture that earthy, smoky smell that you get with autumn, so I just went with a photo of a stunning sky. Spring has that wonderful ‘the world is waking up again’ smell, while summer smells of ‘life in bloom’, and winter has the clean, crisp smell, but autumn just smells divine – especially if it’s foggy.

Why DOES fog smell like that?

And finally…Halloween

303 - Halloween GingerbreadI would be a poor Goth indeed if I didn’t include Halloween! I made these gluten-free gingerbread cookies last year for work, and I’ll probably do the same this year because let’s be honest, there’s nothing like a gingerbread bat in the last days of October.

Hopefully there will be an opportunity for fancy dress this year – the last couple of years have fallen flat, after the Halloween in 2012 when I dressed up as a female Beetlejuice for a special evening event at the Centre for Life!

What are you looking forward to this autumn?


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