Top Five Highlights from Summer

Onto Day 5 of the September Blogging Challenge and today the theme is ‘five highlights from summer’. It’s been a bit of a washout in the UK in terms of the weather, but I’ve tried my best to think of cool things anyway!

I was in Vienna in June for a conference, and I got to visit the beautiful Schönbrunn just outside the city. It was a gorgeous palace, and a really nice day out before the madness of the conference began. Well worth a visit if you’re in the area.

I went to Bletchley Park in early July and was thrilled to see the exhibition they had for The Imitation Game, which I absolutely love. This is the prop for ‘Christopher’, used in the film! They also had the delightful Mr Cumberbatch’s costume, but sadly he was not in it at the time.

Michelangelo's David
I’ve been a big fan of Michelangelo since I studied him for A Level Art so a big highlight was getting to see his famous statue, David, in Florence in late July. We bought tickets to avoid the queues – though we then had to queue anyway – but again, he’s well worth a visit. Florence was also brilliant because I managed to find a gladstone bag and I got €150 off the asking price.

I went on a photo walk around my home town and managed to take this view from the top of a car park – I’ve lived here for years and didn’t even know you could find this particular skyline!

I also had another trip to the Alnwick Garden, in time to see all of the roses, and I took about eighty photos of the clematis, which is one of my favourite flowers. The weather was gorgeous and it was a lovely day out.

What have been your highlights of summer?


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