Have pride in your accomplishments

I started the September Blogging Challenge yesterday with my goals for the month, and today’s theme is ‘something you’re proud of accomplishing recently’.

I actually found this one difficult. What am I actually proud of? What have I even achieved? Isn’t this so typical? It’s really easy to think of things I did badly, or that could have gone better, but it’s so hard to identify anything that is even a minor victory. It’s even more problematic to identify an accomplishment.

So I decided I go with this blog! I’ve been blogging since 2009 over on my writing blog, which I re-branded my Cabinet of Curiosities in February 2014, but this make up blog is a newer endeavour. I’d been sharing photos of my make up for years, and enough people asked me questions that I thought it might be time to move my make up reviews from my writing blog onto one specifically for make up.

I’ve been running Wicked North since May, which isn’t a long time in the grander scheme of things, but I’ve been enjoying talking about make up, and reading all of the make up blogs that I follow. I’ve always loved make up, and I remember getting my first kids palette when I was about ten, so it’s fun to be able to share it with so many like-minded people. I’ve had people asking me about video tutorials and that’s next on my to do list…

So I’m proud of my little make up blog, and I’m proud to be a make up junkie! It’s my make up, and my choice



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