September Goals

The lovely Bronagh at Bronagh’s Beauty & Books just highlighted the fact that the September Blogging Challenge is running and I thought I’d join in to help give an insight into me and my life, while hopefully getting to know you all better!

Day 1 is “Your goal(s) for the month of September”.

  1. I’m working on an academic book and I’m writing a chapter a month so my first goal is to finish my next chapter! That’s 5000 words to write and edit, with all the accompanying research. I’ve managed the first two chapters on that schedule so fingers crossed…
  2. I want to enter the Bloody Parchment novella competition – I went back to a novella I first started in 2013 so I want to finish editing what I’ve written so far and then complete it, ready for submission at the end of October.
  3. Weight loss! Sorry for being such a girl, but I really want to lose at least six pounds during the month so my lovely winter clothes will look better. It’s not a huge amount to try and lose so it should be doable, if I just stop eating so much cake…

What about you? Have you set any goals for September?


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