30 fun facts about Icy

Day 30 of the September Blogging Challenge! My God, it’s finally finished! The last post is quite simply thirty facts about yourself, so here goes… I used to work at Costa Coffee and I served John Hannah, Rufus Sewell, and Anthony Stewart Head! My favourite sound is the muffled silence during a snowstorm. I lived … More 30 fun facts about Icy

Favourite Foods

Day 29 of the September Blogging Challenge – nearly there! Today’s theme is your 5 favourite foods so it’s going to be a short one. This one was surprisingly hard to narrow down… Wagamama’s Teriyaki Chicken Donburi Chorizo Cake – particularly chocolate fudge cake, lemon drizzle cake and cheesecake! My mum’s mince and potato pie … More Favourite Foods

Celebrity Crushes

Onto Day 27! My God, where has September gone?! Anyway, today is celebrity crushes. As you might have guessed from my blog posts, I’m painfully single, and celebrity crushes are pretty much the only men I have in my life, which sounds really pathetic when I read that back. Oh well. I’m nothing if not … More Celebrity Crushes

Top 5 Hobbies

Day 26 of the September Blogging Challenge and today is all about your top 5 favourite hobbies or pastimes. I think these will look familiar to anyone who has read my other entries in this challenge… Knitting I’ve been knitting since around 2008, I think, and I absolutely love it. It’s relaxing, it’s fun, and it’s … More Top 5 Hobbies

I am a Book Addict

Day 25 is all about books, and what you’re reading right now! I won’t bore you with all of the books I’m reading for my current academic project, but these are the other books I’m reaching for at the moment. The Urban Sketcher I’m determined to improve upon my urban sketching skills, so I’ve been … More I am a Book Addict

Keep on learning

The theme for Day 23 is ‘Things you’ve always wanted to learn to do’. I’m going to restrict myself to three things because there are a million things I’d love to learn and quite frankly I just don’t have the time! Cello I’d love to learn to play the cello because it’s probably my favourite … More Keep on learning