Today’s haul – Lush, Soap & Glory and Urban Decay

I don’t normally go in for big shopping sprees as I buy when I need to, rather than saving it up for a ‘me day’, but I ran so many errands today I wound up picking up this lot in one go, rather than gradually! I won’t be buying anything more for a while so I’m going to start using up products I’ve bought and forgotten about!

But onto today’s haul! I got the Lush face mask because my Cupcake one had run out, and I had five pots to take back so it was free instead of the usual £6.50. Jodi over at A Brash Attitude had done a review on her blog (seriously, read it here) and after doing my homework on the Lush website, I decided it would be the best one for me to try next. It was also recommended by the woman in the shop so let’s see what it’s like!

Soap & Glory

I really like Soap & Glory’s make up anyway, and they’re cruelty-free, which is brilliant! I particularly love their What’s Nude eyeshadow palette, and their lipsticks are really good quality too. Plus they have by far my favourite packaging of all the beauty brands. But anyway! I was in Boots to buy more hair dye, and they had a ‘buy one, get the second half price’ offer on S&G, so I picked up the One Heck Of A Blot oil control powder for £12, and the One Heck Of A Blot primer for £5 (it was the half price one). I can suffer terribly with an oily nose, even if the rest of my skin is normal, so we’ll see if it does the job!

Urban Decay

Yep, even after I bought the Naked Smoky palette last week (which I am loving, by the way) I could still find more room for Urban Decay make up in my stash. I don’t think I’ll ever tire of this brand, and I’m so glad I started using them in 2012. So this is one of their Revolution lipsticks in Lovelight, which was £15.50 in Debenhams, and their 24/7 lip liner in Liar, which was £13.50. Bit pricey, but their products have real staying power so I find I use less of them, so they last longer. Win!

Barry M

I’ll be honest, this isn’t really my shade, but it was only £1 in Poundland so I figured what the hell, if it looks awful I’ve not wasted a lot of money. I’ve used one of Barry M’s lip crayons before and I can’t decide how I felt about it so this might have been an inspired spot of impulse buying, or it could have been insanity. We’ll see!


And this is the real reason I was in Poundland – they sell rolls of Agfa film in ISO 200 with 24 exposures for just £1. I love shooting on film so this is brilliant for me. I bought three!

My make up today!

Eyes are using the Smashbox Full Exposure palette, lips are using the Havana Lip4 palette by Sleek. I hadn’t been massively sure about the Smashbox palette but after persevering this morning I think I can finally see the appeal.

What have you bought lately?


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