[Review] Ultra Velour Lip Cream

I got a new lip product free from Make Up Revolution and I thought I’d give it a go, because I’m still in search of that perfect matte lip!

The product is their Ultra Velour Lip Cream, and it’s in colour Say yes, It’s what we do best, which is a sort of brick red. It’s also only £3, but I did get mine free in their recent special offer.

Incidentally, I’m also wearing Make Up Revolution eyeshadow, using the Black Velvet palette, and their powder blush in Sugar. So the cost of their make up on my face comes to the princely sum of £11.99!

Anyway. The lip cream! The box promises a smooth application, and it is…but it also seems difficult to get it even. I ended up putting on three coats and still got this effect, with a slightly lighter line along the actual edges of my lips. You’ll also notice that it’s not matte when you first put it on – there is still a bit of a ‘sheen’ to it, and if I’m honest, that didn’t fully go away. I was expecting no shine whatsoever for a ‘matte’ product.

The colour’s not bad but it might look better over some kind of base to bring the colours together. I was expecting it to dry, like the matte lip creams you can buy from Max Factor or Maybelline, but strangely it didn’t. It didn’t slide off my lips like some products, and it didn’t go sticky, like the liquid lipsticks, it was just…there.

It came off on my teeth a lot when I first put it on, and I was expecting the wear to be awful, but the box promised eight hours of wear. So I put this on at 10am, and here’s how it looked at 6:30pm, after two cups of coffee, my lunch and my dinner! It’s not amazing but it’s nothing a reapplication wouldn’t fix!

The Pros

  • It lasts reasonbly well, and doesn’t slide off immediately.
  • It is nice and smooth, as the packaging promises.
  • It doesn’t dry your lips out as much as other lip creams.

The Cons

  • It does need some kind of base so it doesn’t look streaky.
  • It does come off on your teeth.
  • It’s not moisturising so while it won’t dry your lips out, it won’t nourish them either.

The Verdict

Is it worth buying? Well for £3 it’s not exactly going to break the bank, and you do get a decent amount of wear out of it. It was still mostly in place even after I’d had my first coffee. Plus it didn’t dry my lips out and then crack, the way the previous matte lip formulas have. That said, it’s not 100% matte, and it doesn’t give 100% even coverage on bare lips. I’ll probably try it again over either a lip primer or a lip pencil base, but it won’t be my “go to” lip product.



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