[New] Holiday purchases

Going on holiday is always a funny time of year for me because I end up cutting my make up right down to save weight in my luggage…and then buy more in duty free!

This year, I was good and restrained myself. This is all I bought…I didn’t really need it but then when do you actually need make up?!

Purchase one was this setting spray by Urban Decay. I’ve never used setting sprays before but I’ve heard good things about these ones, and I love Urban Decay anyway. This one is specifically for oil control, which is something I definitely have a problem with in the T-Zone area, and it was only travel size so it only cost £7.55. I couldn’t have bought the full size one anyway because at 118ml, I would never have gotten it into my liquid allowance on the way back.

I did try this while I was in Florence for three days and while my make up didn’t stay completely put for the whole day like some bloggers have claimed it would, it did make a difference. I was using up my Rimmel Match Perfection foundation, which is fairly rubbish in warm temperatures anyway (review here), and while I did have a little bit of ‘shine’ it definitely didn’t slide off like it did in Vienna.

On top of that, my eye makeup lasted all day, including my liquid eyeliner, so I’m considering this a bonus. I’ll try it again now I’m back in the UK (so that’s a drop from 34°C to 14°C!) and see what it’s like with the temperatures I’m used to.

Next up was purchase #2 – this Gloss Me lip gloss by Sleek in Forbidden City. It was totally an impulse buy in Boots while I was buying painkillers, and if I’m honest, I wish I hadn’t bothered. I tried it one night and found it was way too sticky, and seemed to wear off really quickly. Maybe it’ll be better over my Urban Decay lip primer (review) or lipliner, but otherwise I’m not yet impressed.

My last purchase was on the plane on the way home. I’d managed to resist it on the way out but I just couldn’t resist for long, especially when they were offering an extra 20% off. Here’s the Smashbox Full Exposure palette.

It contains fourteen shades – seven shimmers and seven mattes – as well as a double-ended brush and a leaflet of looks to try that should suit your eye shape.

The colours ARE similar to a lot of colours I already own, but I’m hoping that the higher price and better name of Smashbox means the colour payoff will be better, and that they won’t fade as fast throughout the day. The palette is £38 in the shops, and was £29 in Jet2’s brochure…or £23.20 with the discount! I’ll give it a try and report back.

Have you bought anything new for your holidays?


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