[Review] Rimmel Match Perfection foundation

Back in May I featured some new products I’d bought, including Rimmel Match Perfection cream foundation and a W7 foundation brush. I’ve finally tried out both, and I love the brush so I won’t dwell on it here, but I did want to review one of the foundations.

My main reason for buying a cream foundation, as opposed to the liquids I normally use, was I wanted to try and circumvent the liquids allowance problem when carrying cosmetics in hand luggage. I bought the shade ‘Ivory’ and gave it a go in the UK and it seemed okay – the match was definitely pretty good. It comes with a hinged portion which lifts up to reveal a mirror and a sponge, though I found I got better coverage using a brush than the sponge.

So I merrily headed off to Vienna for a week for a conference, and took the foundation with me, assuming it would be fine. I didn’t know what the weather would be like before I went, but it ended up being anywhere between 25°C and 37°C, regardless of the time of day or evening. Would the foundation be a match for the temperatures as well as my skin tone?

The short answer is no.

I suffer from an oily T-Zone and as a result I always make sure to use primer on my nose. I tend to still get shine breakouts despite that, and in the UK it usually starts within 4-6 hours of putting my makeup on. In Vienna, it was within about forty minutes. About four hours later, and reapplying my makeup became more a question of simply smearing it around my face. Even setting it with powder only worked for a little while. This foundation simply couldn’t cope with my face in hot weather.

That said, I didn’t think it was fair to judge it during a heatwave, so I tried it again when I got home – I’m wearing it today and it’s only 18°C in the north east of England. Its staying power is MUCH better in cooler climes. It stayed matte for a lot longer, and only started to show shine at about the same time that my foundation usually does. It is a pretty good match for my skin tone, and doesn’t look too ‘fake’. It doesn’t give very full coverage but you can build it up where you need to. It’s also SPF15, which is handy.

The verdict

I think it’s a decent foundation for the price, as long as you’re not planning to use it anywhere super hot! The sponge isn’t brilliant and the mirror is too small to be useful, but the foundation itself is a good skintone match, and builds well using a brush. Its lasting power is about right for the price (should be £6.99, I got it for £4.99) and the built-in SPF is a nice touch.

2/5 for hot weather

4/5 for normal weather


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