[Review] Barry M Natural Glow 2 Shadow & Primer palette

A little while ago I bought a host of new make up since I was staying at someone’s house and didn’t have any make up with me. I was trying to keep costs down, so I picked up the Natural Glow 2 Shadow & Primer palette by Barry M to cover my eyeshadow requirements – my reasoning was that the inclusion of primer in the palette meant I wouldn’t have to buy a separate eyeshadow primer, particularly when I love the Urban Decay Primer Potion.

I’ve now used the palette three times and I can honestly say I wish I hadn’t bothered. Here’s the swatches of the colours on my arm – I had to swipe each colour three times in order to see any noticeable build-up on my skin. To remove the swatches, I just wiped my arm with a towel and the colour came away immediately.

This is one of the looks I came up with – none of the shades are named, so I’ll just say where they are in the palette!

I used the first matte beige colour all over my eyelid and under my eyebrow. I needed about four layers to get any actual colour to show up. Then I blended the second matte grey/green colour from my crease up to the brow bone, and I blended the third matte reddish brown into the crease.


The palette is well named – the colours are very natural, though that’s as much to do with the lack of colour pay off as anything else. The primer should get a special mention though – it’s a weird consistency but there was absolutely no creasing after a good ten hours of wear, so it really did its job well!


The colour pay off is really disappointing. I picked this one because the colours looked so strong in the pans but it just doesn’t translate to the way the colour looks on actual skin. They fade incredibly quickly, whether you’re using the matte or the shimmer shades, and while the primer kept some hint of colour on my eyelids, I felt like I might as well have not bothered putting any shadow on. The matte shadows feel very chalky, and the shimmer shadows have that strange half cream, half powder feel that Sleek’s shimmer shades have, just without the colour to back them up. The packaging isn’t great – it feels very cheap and the applicators that come with the palette aren’t brilliant.

The verdict

I know some people do like budget make up, and Barry M has a lot going for it – I like their eyeshadow pencils, and their loose eye dust shadows are brilliant. The fact they’re also cruelty-free is another reason to buy their products. However this palette just didn’t do it for me, so I’ll probably use up the primer and ignore the shadows. 2/5


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