Urban Decay Ozone Primer Pencil [Review]

I’ve long been a fan of Urban Decay’s Eyeshadow Primer Potion, but I’ve often bemoaned the lack of a decent lip primer. Someone recommended MAC to me but meh, they’re a bit pricey. So when I saw that UD had brought out a lip primer, I thought “Huzzah!” (I’ve also been wishing Primark would bring back flared jeans and they have, so who knows, maybe Tom Hiddleston will just randomly turn up at my house).

The Ultimate Ozone Multipurpose Primer Pencil is described thus; “Hold lip colour in place. Prevent feathering. Correct mistakes. Even fill in fine lines!” It also promises to hold colour for eight hours. I’m not bothered about using it to fill in fine lines – that’s what my main primer is for – but let’s see what it’s like as a lip primer. I decided to try it with three different lip products to see what it was like with different formulas.

Attempt One

Frappuccino by Sleek

The first attempt was using Frappuccino from Sleek’s Havana lip palette. As recommended, I outlined my lips, then filled in using Ozone. The pencil is supposed to feel moisturising but I felt that it had made my lips look very ‘matte’.

Havana features two gloss lipsticks and two ‘regular’ lipsticks, and Frappuccino is the latter. It felt a bit dry trying to put it on, instead of it slicking on as usual, and I did feel that there was a slightly more matte appearance than I’m used to.

BUT. And this is the good bit. I put it on at 7:30am, and I didn’t need to retouch it until after I’d eaten at 12:30pm – even then, it was a full on reapplication, just a retouch around the edges. After the reapplication, it stayed put for a further six hours until I had dinner. Nice one!

Attempt Two

Facade by Illamasqua

This one involved my Facade intense lipgloss by Illamasqua. The application worked as normal, so the Ozone primer apparently doesn’t hinder lipgloss, though I wasn’t expecting the colour to last as well because, well, it’s a lipgloss. While the intense glosses by Illamasqua work more like liquid lipsticks, they still don’t have the best staying power.

BUT. I put this on at 10am, and didn’t need to retouch it until after I’d eaten at 1pm, and that was after drinking a bottle of water mid-morning and also having lunch. Like the Sleek lipstick, I didn’t need a full on reapplication, just a retouch. While the shine wore off, the colour definitely clung on, and this photo was how it looked at 4:30pm. Not bad for three and a half hours after being retouched!

Attempt Three

78 Rouge intemporel by Bourjois

I’d tried a lipstick from a palette, and I’d tried a lipgloss, so I decided to try a traditional lipstick for attempt three. This is 78 Rouge intemporel by Bourjois, and if I’m honest, it performed the worst out of the them. The lipstick went on smoothly, gliding over the Ozone base, and like the others, it only needed a touch-up after I ate, some two and a half hours after I first applied it.

But I noticed that the colour started to wear off where my lips meet at the sides, even without eating or drinking. Five hours after the touch up, the edges were feathering, and it looked patchy – clearly time for another application. I haven’t worn this lipstick in a while so I don’t know how much of it is a problem with the lipstick, but I had hoped that the primer might help it to stay put. I might try this lipstick again without the primer to see if it’s a problem with the shade as opposed to Ozone.

Attempt Four

Blush Pink by Soap & Glory

You can tell I was really wanting to put Ozone through its paces! My final attempt was using Soap & Glory’s Blush Pink, a lovely matte shade of deepish pink, which I’d also definitely recommend. This time the Ozone pencil felt a little more moisturising, and the lipstick slid on without feeling greasy. I first put it on at 8am, and it was still looking good at 11am even after a cup of coffee and a banana! As with the others, I only needed minor touch ups rather than full re-applications, so I’m pretty pleased with this one.


As far as Ozone as a lip primer goes, I can’t fault it. I find I’m using it every time I want to apply lip colour, which is good, and I do find that I don’t need to reapply the colour every couple of hours. I can’t speak for what it’s like to remove mistakes or as a wrinkle plumper, but if you’re looking for a way to make your lip colour last longer, then I’d definitely recommend this product!



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